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P.Oxy.VI 0854
Archilochus, Elegeies (same as P.Oxy. XXX 2507 and LXIX 4708; cf. D. Obbink, "A New Archilochus Poem", ZPE 156 (2006) 1-9)
B. P. Grenfell and A. S. Hunt

Publication date 1908
Author Archilochus
Other IDs
Date Late second century
Provenance Oxyrhynchus
Location The Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, USA
Genre Elegy
Format Roll (same as P.Oxy. XXX 2507 and LXIX 4708)
Material Papyrus
Link http://clp.classics.ox.ac.uk/v0006/0854.htm